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Red - Session 3

Red Group (Ages 5-6) Red Ball - In this fun-filled beginners program, children will develop hand-eye coordination, footwork, balance and proper techniques, using racquets and playing games. Low compression Red balls are used for easy hitting and learning!

Orange - Session 3

Orange Group (Ages 7-8) Orange Ball - This beginner class will focus on developing rally skills, hand-eye coordination and stroke technique needed to form a solid foundation for tennis. All basic strokes will be taught in drill and game situations. Low compression Orange balls will be used.

Yellow 1 - Session 3

Yellow I (Ages 9-12) Green Dot Ball - In this is a beginner class, students will be taught the basic techniques of the forehand, backhand, volley and serve including an introduction to a match/point play to get them playing their first real points and ultimately matches. Tactics and strategy is introduced in the same fun environment of drills, games, and exercises.

Futures - Session 3

Futures (Ages 9-12) Green Dot Ball This class is for the advanced player under the age of 13, who has developed all the basic strokes, has begun to play matches, and is looking to play tournaments. Higher level techniques, tactics, and strategies are taught, using drills, games and practice points.

Yellow 2 - Session 3

Yellow II (Ages 9-12) Green Dot Ball - This class will continue to develop a players techniques and overall game using match play and point play situations. Students must be promoted by a current instructor or evaluated for this class.

Gold - Session 3

Gold Group (Ages 9-12) Green Dot Ball - This class will develop the players stroke techniques and overall game using movement exercises, hitting drills, games, and point play situations.